Steph Weinger is a Children's Natural Illustrator whose work commonly depicts nature, exploration, and wonder themes. Her passion for science, learning, and wildlife inspires her to create naturalistic illustrations that promote wildlife education for children. She believes that the key to wildlife conservation is curiosity and learning. 
Originally from the Hudson Valley, NY, Steph now lives in Philadelphia, PA, with her cat, Akeya, and a leopard gecko, Marco. When not illustrating, she spends her time traveling and exploring nature. She loves visiting National Parks and Nature Reserves and sketching different landscapes and critters. 
Steph is developing her series of children's wildlife education books and activities, Animals Everywhere. Through the series, she hopes to inspire children to learn about the animals in their hometowns and the countryside. Her series is currently limited to United States and North American critters. 
Steph earned a bachelor's degree in Illustration with a minor in business from Moore College of Art and design in 2020.

Steph is currently available for work and can be reached via the contact page or by email at: 

Professional Experience/Clients
Museum of the American Revolution
The Elakha Alliance
Kubik Maltbie
The Endangered Species Coalition
Kids for Wolves
John Heinz Wildlife Refuge
Junior Wildlife Ranger
Night Kitchen Interactive 
Cannabiz Experience
Mission Wolf
The Wagner Free Institute of Science

Children's Books
All Dogs Don't Bite - Marie Hernandez 2021
Cob and the Kingdom - Leigh Ann Hughes 2022
Visionary Women’s Scholarship, 2016 - 2020 
First Place Frieda Fehrenbacher Foundation Award, 2017
First Place Mariam Troop Portrait Award, 2017
Sis Grenald Endowed International Travel Fellowship 2019
Marian Locks Senior Award, 2020
Emerging Entrepreneurs’  Prototyping Competition, 1st place, 2020

"Through my illustrations, I want to teach others about the natural world around us and show how every creature, big or small, plays a crucial role in sustaining our beautiful planet." 
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